We are pleased to introduce our company, the ComputerMate Technologies Ltda, located in Rua Marechal Deodoro, 879 Sala 408 Bairro -Centro Sao Bernardo Do Campo S.P Brazil. We build solar quantum energy generators.

Our quantum energy generator can supply the same energy as a nuclear power plant of 9,600 Megawatts. (9.6GW), It is a complete green energy replacing Nuclear power plant; our energy system do not use any heavy material, no protons beans. It is pure subatomic particle moving. There's no risk in any way. We use the third most common element in nature- “SILICON” – A secured source of energy. We simply use a power entrance to energize the SILICON, then an optical system to carry the eletrons.. nothing could be more secure.


The Importance of clean, renewable energy in today’s world makes this project revolutionary. We would like to present a fantastic discovery, the “EX5” a new energy concept that starts up with a solar trigger. The creation of the EX5 (code name of the project) will change the concept of energy in the planet, helping humanity’s development in every area. The “EX5” is a standalone energy generator capable of delivering total electric energy independently, with nearly100% cost reduction.

Cost of the KW/h In terms of kW/h our cost is three tenths of a thousandth of a cent ($0.000003158 kW/h) or (N0.00063per kW/h). Our product keeps the customer free from the risk of outages in the supply of energy; no more blackouts. no more toxit emission to the environment for up to 30 years.

Brief Description of the Green plant EX-5

Our equipment is a standalone generator that will supply energy for up to 30 years, and with refurbishment at the end 30 years, you will get additional 30 years of service. The EX5 is quantum physics energy generator which only needs a solar panel for 8 seconds. This is the necessary time, for the quantum chamber to absorb solar energy and starts a quantum generation process, which is simply converted to electrical energy on demand. This process moves a subatomic particle and runs as long as the silicon inside the chamaber survive. The project is a complete new energy invention, only using the sun light for 8 seconds to boot and this will result in energy for up to 30 years or more nonstop. Our energy system consists of a quantum chamber that once initialized (and we are using solar panels only for that propose) will work as a standalone power system. After the initialization process the solar panels are no more necessary, but they can be used to startup other quantum chambers, they can be stored for future initializations..

Working and Researching

After 18 years of study and research, today we have a working prototype which can proves its viability.

Land Required

The plant of 2,290,622 units of 4191 watts (the standard size of our generator) occupy an area of about 1,033,600 square meters; 1088 metres on one side, 950m on the other side, and 1 meter height.

We know for sure that the investment will pay back quickly, because this new energy system can be used in anywhere and anything that needs energy.

  • The plant is divided into sections that are identified as “boxes.
  • The transport will be made by the Supplier.
  • The forwarder and the carriers entrusted by the Purchaser will take care of the storing of each block and module in the construction site area, under their own responsibility. ComputerMate will take care there of its assembly.

The construction site area will include not only the site of the plant, but also the barracks of the personnel assembling the plant. This area will have to be necessarily enclosed, with relevant taxes and expenses charged to the Purchaser. The Purchaser will also have to arrange for a suitable surveillance service for the whole working area, and to take and arrange for all the necessary measures necessary for the safety of the goods that are stored in the same area and of the direct and indirect personnel, authorized to work there even only temporarily.


  1. This project will generate as much as 29,920 jobs.
  2. The plant is scalable; when the first Megawatt is installed it can begin to supply energy, or 10Megawatts and so on.
  3. Zero Risk in installation and operation; No special protection needed for the workers. No damage to the land, and certainly none to human beings.
  4. Zero Routine maintenance for 30 years. If any maintenance occurs any module can be easily replaced. Any electrician can replace the damaged module.
  5. Absolutely no Emission
  6. A stable power system will attract external investments and will boost the economy
  7. The government will benefit from this solid energy system.
  8. Policimenm Military, energy sustainable make SOUTH AFRICA a better country to live. Will attract external investments.
  9. No radiation risk to the population, no need for nuclear materials.
  10. The total investment will Payback in 5 to 6 years..

Considering the conventional solar energy; its high cost and the undesirable solar panels and the need for batteries make it unpopular in a worldwide sense. Remember that batteries must be replaced at least every 18 months. Our New solar energy EX5 will change this concept. We can make energy accessible to all retail stores, hospitals, residences, businesses, factories and public lighting.